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The single-manual Johannus One keyboard is a rugged, portable, and versatile organ. Despite its modest size, it comes with five organs, 80 stops and the authentic Johannus pipe organ sound.

The Johannus One keyboard is available exclusively from Church Keyboard in Southern and Central California.  We generally have keyboards in stock for immediate delivery--you pick up or we can ship via UPS.

Click here to view complete Johannus One specifications.
Using the variety of organ styles available in the Johannus One in performance is  facilitated (as demonstrated in this video) by convenient combination memory.

Three memory levels with four general pistons each provides a total of twelve preset combinations.  Combinations are saved with an easy-to-use "capture" action similar to a church organ.  Simply hold the piston for approximately three seconds and the current registration is saved.
The split keyboard feature enables playing the Johannus One like a two-manual organ as demonstrated in this video.

In this example, manual two is registered with the solo orchestral trumpet, however a complete set of organ stops are also available for manual two when played in "split" mode.
Accessories for Johannus One
Keyboard Stand
We recommend an adjustable stand that can be used at a sitting or standing height.  The Roland Z stand is available from Sweetwater.

Keyboard Case
There are two case options available.

The case pictured is made to perfectly fit the Johannus One keyboard.  Available from Sweetwater.

Gator Cases also make a variety of keyboard cases that fit the Johannus One keyboard.  View the cases here.
Expression Pedal
We like the Hammond EXP-50 expression pedal for its heavy-duty metal construction that will stay in one place when your foot is pushing on it and its smooth action.  Available from Sweetwater.

Another option is the Roland EV-5 pedal.  It is relatively lightweight (plastic) and has the added feature of a knob that allows adjusting the minimum volume level.  Available from Sweetwater.
Adding a pedalboard to the Johannus One has several implications.  MIDI pedalboards come in several sizes.

A full-size AGO pedalboard will require a larger keyboard stand and bench that accommodates the size of the AGO pedals.  The Nord and Hammond pedals (shown) include an integrated expression pedal.  A smaller pedalboard is compatible with the other accessories shown on this page.

Available pedalboards:
Nord 27
Hammond (shown)
Classic MIDI Works AGO
Audio Cable
The Johannus One keyboard has a stereo line out for connecting the keyboard to an external sound system.  You'll need a dual 1/4" cable available from Sweetwater or Guitar Center and other cable suppliers.  These cables come in various lengths--9 feet or 12 feet will enable some flexibility in positioning the keyboard vs. the speaker system.

If connecting the keyboard to a house sound system via a mixer that is further than 12 feet from the keyboard, you'll need to use a stereo Direct Box (or two one-channel Direct Boxes) and microphone cables to connect to the mixer or a microphone plug jack on the stage.
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