Fundraising for your new organ
Approximately 20% of the organs we provide to churches are funded by a congregational fundraising campaign.  Every campaign we've been involved with has successfully achieved its goal within three to sixteen weeks.

If your church needs to plan a fundraising campaign for your new organ and you're wondering how to get started and ultimately be successful, Nelson Dodge's 2022 book Fundraising for Your New Organ explains the process in complete detail--based on the successful experiences of the many churches we've worked with.

Fundraising for an organ is easier than you might think, but requires careful planning and organization.  It's all explained in this 80-page book.

Table of Contents


Raising Money for an Organ is Easy!
  • How Organs Get Funded

Overview of a Successful Funding Campaign
  • Process Overview

Organizing For the Campaign
  • Identify the Organ Project Champion
  • Get the Pastor on Board
  • Approval to Begin the Campaign
  • Recruit the Organ Committee

Why Are We Doing This?

Select the New Organ
  • The Four Organ Types
  • Comparing Organ Budgets
  • Selection Criteria
  • Organ Auditions
  • Request Proposals
  • Choose Your New Organ

Planning for Success
  • The Gift Plan
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Campaign Timing and Time Line

Launching the Campaign
  • Silent Phase
  • Public Phase
  • Collateral & Communications
  • Donor Events and Recognition

Completing the Campaign
  • Celebrate the Donors
  • Plan the Organ Dedication

  • Appendix A--Campaign Profiles
  • Appendix B--Fundraising Resources
  • Appendix C--Non-Cash Gifts
  • Appendix D--The Seven Types of Donors
  • Appendix E--Organ-Related Resources
  • Appendix F--The Organist’s Role in Fundraising

Complimentary copies are available to churches in Southern and Central California.  Please contact Nelson Dodge at 909-599-7899 or

13535 Ventura Blvd C313
Sherman Oaks CA 9123

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