Hybrid Pipe Organs
Over 100 hybrid pipe organs in churches in Southern and Central California since 1980

Church Keyboard has been creating hybrid pipe organs since the 1980s when the technology was first introduced by Rodgers Organs.  The hybrid concept is simple: combining digital pipe voices with real pipes.

Consistently creating successful hybrid pipe organs takes experience and reliable technology.  Church Keyboard brings both of these to each project with our long track record and multiple technology options now available.

A hybrid pipe organ is a potential solution for a variety of situations:

  • Adding digital stops to an existing pipe organ--when a pipe organ requires adding stops to support current musical requirements and adding pipework is not possible due to space and/or budget constraints, adding digital stops is the only viable option.  This is the most common form of hybrid--thousands of organs worldwide include digital stops that expand and enhance the tonal possibilities.  Church Keyboard provides Digital Stop Units featuring the state-of-the-art DS Core technology.  Each DSU is custom-built with the stops needed with pipe samples in the appropriate tonal style for your pipe organ.
  • New console for an existing pipe organ--pipe organ consoles typically require rebuilding at approximately 50-year intervals.  In case of a small- to medium-size pipe organ it is often beneficial to expand the tonal resources of the original organ.  Replacing the console with a  digital accomplishes the objective of renewing the console and can substantially expand the stop list and tonal resources, often for about the same investment as rebuilding the old console.
  • Adding pipes to an existing digital organ--most Rodgers digital consoles are pipe compatible and easily accommodate the addition of pipes.
  • All-new hybrid (console and pipes)--when we build an all-new hybrid pipe organ we have all the options: using a stock digital console, designing a custom console, and specifying the ranks of pipework.

Click here to see a list of hybrid installations in churches.

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