Custom Church Organs

A custom Monarke organ is your opportunity to design the organ of your dreams.  Anything is possible. The design process is similar to how a pipe organ is designed.  Every detail, every stop, every pipe sample is carefully selected.  Church Keyboard works collaboratively with you, and an organ consultant when desired, to design the organ that will perfectly support your liturgical/musical style and requirements.

As part of the development process we will travel to the Global Organ Group headquarters in Ede, The Netherlands, to audition your new organ and make any desired alterations to the tonal selections before the organ is shipped to the U.S.
Here are some videos of recent Monarke organ installations.  Below are examples of standard Monarke consoles that provide a starting point for design--or we can start from scratch and create a completely custom design.
The 3M / 83-stop Monarke organ at All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopal church in Santa Barbara is the first Monarke organ in the world to feature the DS Core technology.  Designed by Church Keyboard in collaboration with Nelson Huber, this organ exemplifies what is possible with a Monarke organ.

With 73 audio channels and speakers, this organ effectively fills the acoustically challenged long nave with its low, heavily beamed roof.  The console was deliberately designed to be as compact as possible, yet include all necessary controls, to accommodate the limited space available in the Chancel.

Auditions may be arranged by calling Nelson Dodge at 909-599-7899.
13535 Ventura Blvd C313
Sherman Oaks CA 9123

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